Sources of Modern Day Stress: Stress Management Training Program

Sources of Modern Day Stress:  Stress Management Training Program

Sources of modern day stress are everywhere.  What was once a non issue for other generations has become major issues for people of the Twenty-First Century.  While modern conveniences make the world smaller and information at the tips of our fingers, one can find stress lurking in every corner.

With the conveniences afforded by modern technology also comes many stresses.  If you are interested a Stress Management Training Program, then please review
With the conveniences afforded by modern technology also comes many stresses. If you are interested a Stress Management Training Program, then please review

One of the biggest modern inventions is the internet.  The revolution of the internet changed everything, especially the exchange of information.   But how much is too much?  Many people become absorbed in their phone as they search for information or converse with others. Stories that never would have surfaced now surface and flood individuals with information overload.  These smaller stories can be a source of frustration.

Another offshoot invention from the internet is Social Media.  Social media has a played a large role.  No longer is the issue just general information but a display of personal information that stems from Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest to name merely a few.  People we barely know are unloading their stress on the net on all these social platforms.   We can turn our heads or become caught up in the drama.   Stories that one would never hear now have the ability to irk a person.  Someone’s opinion on this or that becomes center stage.  Of course, on the net, not all opinions are written nicely and this can be a cause of stress to others.  How silly does it seem to see a fellow worker come to work irritated because of a comment on Twitter or Facebook?  Yet that is the reality of Social Media.  Everyone now has a voice and sometimes that voice can be very annoying and stress inducing.

What of cell phones in general? It would appear they have become an evolved appendage.  How many people today cannot exist without the cell phone at their side.  How ever did the archaic peoples of the late Twentieth Century exist without the comfort of on the second updates of what this actress or actor did or tweeted about?   A frenzy of stress can result if one simply misplaces their cell phone or forgets it at home.  The person feels naked and out of place.

With new technologies also comes new stresses.  New innovation comes with new bugs that need sorted out.  New technologies also create new ways of thinking.  Businesses never once thought that page ranking on Search Engines would ever be an issue, now it is center stage and a huge stress upon businesses.  We are attached to these things and cannot escape it.  But what about the freedom and peace that comes from being “unplugged”?

Become unplugged from technology and be human.  You will find less stress
Become unplugged from technology and be human. You will find less stress

It is a good thing to unplug ourselves from modern sources of stress once in awhile.  It is important to release ourselves from the necessity of immediate information.  I think it is important as cell phones, tablets, search engines, and innovation in general become more advanced, that we all take a step back and relax.  We need to remember our roots.  We need to recall the importance of personal interaction, a simple hello, and real world conversation with our customers.  We also need to de-stress ourselves with things that the modern technology cannot give us; A good work out, shooting some hoops, or taking a long walk with someone we care about.  While stress is everywhere, sometimes getting away from the modern technology is a good way to escape stress.

I once joked that if technology today existed hundreds of years ago, there would be less saints.  No saint ever had to deal with a lagging internet page, the loss of internet during work hours, forgetting to save your last report,  or a crashed server.  In fact, go back twenty years and no one had to deal with these stresses.  Yet, the stress is definitely worth the reward–or is it?

Some people may find the stress worth it.  It is true the internet, the transfer of information and the ability to share and advertize on the net is a blessing, but I think we need to put everything in perspective and not allow ourselves to become overwhelmed or maybe like so many science fiction programs allude will come true–we will become technology ourselves!

Stress Management Training Program

If you are interested in learning more the American Institute of Health Care Professional’s Stress Management Training Program, then please review.  The program itself consists of core courses that help prepare qualified professionals to become certified as a Stress Management Consultant.  After completion of the core courses in Stress Management Training, one can apply for certification.

Certification lasts for three years and is renewable.  Those wishing to become recertified in the Stress Management Training Program will need to accumulate over five hundred hours of clinical work within the field and fifty hours of academic continuing education courses.  These courses can be taken online with the Institute or at local workshops.

Qualified professionals  include those in the Psychological field.  Degrees in counseling, psychology, nursing, health care professions, and ministry are all accepted.  Licensed professionals in the medical fields, as well as social fields are also accepted.   Certified professionals with sufficient academic background are also accepted.  Such examples would include certified yoga instructors, or certified meditation instructors.

A Stress Management Consultant Certification is an excellent way to amplify or add to an already existed career.  It can give you the necessary training and knowledge to help others with stress and also allow you to share you skills at a professional level.  Stress Management can be utilized as a home base business or can be utilized in counseling.  Other opportunities include working with firms who wish to promote stress management skills to their employees.  The examples for this are endless.

If you feel our program can help you professionally and academically, then please look into the courses and Stress Management Training Program.  If the program matches these needs, then you could be utilized this new found skill set in your profession.

In the meantime, thank you for interest in Stress Management and please feel free to review rest of the blog.  If you have any questions, please let us know and we will get back to you.


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