5 Holistic Herbs You Can Use Today!

Holistic Herbs: Five Cures You Can Find in the Kitchen

By Brooke Chaplan

For thousands of years, there were no hospitals or emergency rooms, so people used natural herbs to heal and support their health. Herbs were the medicines that healed, treated, and kept them healthy everyday. Today many are finding that herbal remedies can be used effectively for ailments, allergies, diseases, and more. Natural herbs can be used safely with no chemicals added, which makes using natural herbs and spices preferred by many. Below are five common herbs and their benefits.

Holistic herbs
A picture of various holistic herbs




Basil originally comes from Southeast Asia, but now is easily grown and dried in window boxes. Basil is a good source of antioxidants as well as magnesium, which makes it a strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. It is a strong agent used to fight colds, flu, and germs and is sometimes used to treat diabetes, hypothyroidism, constipation and indigestion.



Ginger is taken from the root of the herb, and used both as a spice and a medicine, which carries strong anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger is excellent for treating stomach problems, gas, and bloating and aids in digestion, colds and sore throats, as well as other problems of inflammation.



Oregano is native to the Mediterranean region and is often reminiscent of Italian food, but Oregano is a super herb, and is very rich in phenolic acids and anti-oxidant phytochemical flavenoids. The activity is excellent for enhancing the immune system. Oregano has always been known as a disinfectant and healing infections, in the ears, nose, throat, respiratory system, Candida, and other viral conditions.



Garlic is in the onion family, and is strong in anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, so it is used to treat stomach problems, lowers cholesterol, used to prevent blood clotting. It’s properties are also said to ward off cancer, and heart disease, and are effective for yeast and sinus infections. Fresh cloves of garlic can be eaten daily.



Vanilla is surprising because it’s so flavorful when added to foods, and most people don’t think it has positive effects. Easily found at Vanilla Mart, vanilla extract reduces stress and anxiety, helps with nausea and regulates menstruation, and the delicious scent of vanilla is known to help dieters lose weight.


Healing from these natural holistic herbs has been proven through the centuries, and today they can be found in several different forms, by adding to foods, capsules, pills or oils. These herbs provide a natural and positive effect on your health and are found in most grocery stores or online.

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