Courses in Grief Counseling: A Short List for Grief and the Holidays

If you are interested in taking courses in grief counseling then review

The article, “A Short List for Grief and the Holidays”, by Rev. Sue Wintz states

“For those who are dealing with acute grief, remember that they are probably living in a fog: nothing seems real because of the shock that grief causes.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

This article looks at how to answer grief related problems during the Holidays and how a bereaved parent or chaplain can answer them.  Many people who have not experienced loss do not understand the pain and loss people go through during the Holidays who have lost a family member.

The article discusses how the bereaved is mourning, what to say and how to help someone cope.  Grief counselors can help those grieving during the season with these basic steps.  Proper response can mean the world to a grieving person during the Holidays

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