Learning More About Case Management: Tips on Getting Life Insurance following Heart Surgery

Tips on Getting Life Insurance following Heart Surgery

Are you interested in obtaining life insurance after having had heart surgery? It may be difficult but not impossible, and the tips listed below should help.  Many Case Managers would suggest these things

1. Wait a year

Your best bet in getting life insurance after you have had heart surgery is to wait at least one year before trying to obtain a policy. This type of policy will be simplified issue and will be available in almost all states. If you acquire guaranteed issued insurance, you will not need to wait a year. The policy will be issued immediately but will take up to two full years at a minimum before it will pay out 100%.

2. Medically underwritten policies

• If you are interested in obtaining a policy that is medically underwritten, you will need to meet certain criteria. It will be necessary for your heart surgery to be a one-time incident. It will also be necessary that you did not have a heart attack or suffered only a mild one. You will need to follow a lifestyle that is healthy for your heart, and you will also be required to have gone through enough time without incident that you are able to go off of any blood thinners. Even if all of these criteria have not been met, you may still be able to acquire a medically underwritten policy that contains what is known as a “flat extra,” which is an additional charge applied to the policy for a specified period of time.

• You will also be required to produce medical proof to your prospective insurer that you are in good health at the present time. This may include an EKG printout, stress test results, or a chest x-ray.

3. Check out a number of companies

You will want to acquire a number of quotes from a variety of life insurance companies to ascertain which agency can give you the best policy at the best price. You can do this on your own or you can go through the services of a reputable agent who will have firsthand knowledge regarding the best life insurance companies for individuals in your particular situation.

4. Lose weight, if necessary

If you tend to have problems with being overweight, it will help your health and your efforts to get a life insurance policy when you shed unnecessary pounds. Insurers consider your current lifestyle when you apply for a policy, and they will not want to see that you are carrying extra weight that could place an unnecessary burden on your heart.

5. Do not smoke

If you are presently smoking, quit the habit and stay away from all tobacco products. There is not an insurer alive who will want to provide a life insurance policy to an applicant who still smokes despite the fact that he or she has had heart surgery.

By following the tips that are listed above, you can greatly increase your chances of obtaining a good life insurance policy even after you have had heart surgery.

Author Bio: Claire Atkinson writes for  Kanetix.ca, a comparison website that has more information on obtaining life insurance

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