Physical Fall Activities You Can Do! Health Coaching Advice

Health Coaching Advice on How to Stay Active During Fall.

The Fall is one of the nicest seasons to work out. It’s not insanely hot like the summer, and not as frigid as the winter. Before we get started with these great ways to work out, it’s important to know two things. The first – stay extra hydrated. Sometimes cool air doesn’t make us feel as thirsty, but it’s still important to keep hydrated. The second – wear proper attire. Layering is usually the best method. Wear a sweatshirt with a moisture wicking shirt underneath. When you get warm, you can take off the sweatshirt. Whether you’re making a last ditch effort to get fit for ski season, or simply trying to get in shape, try some of these easy fall activities:


Hiking is perhaps the most stress-free and relaxing fall workout. There’s not much that can beat walking through the refreshing air and checking out the fall foliage. It’s one of the best calorie burning workouts you can do, and it doesn’t stress the joints like running may. Plus, it’s a lot more interesting than running the same path every day. Take some coffee along for the trip, and have lunch at the top of the mountain. Christmas card pictures, anyone?

Ultimate Frisbee:

Ultimate Frisbee is fun for anybody, regardless of your age or gender. Think of something like football without the impact; as long as you have two hands and two feet, you can do it. It involves passing the frisbee along the field until you get to the goal. Although rules may differ, you can usually hold on to the frisbee for only a few steps. This usually translates into teammates throwing long tosses to try and get down the field as quickly as possible. And that means a lot of running.


Trampolines really aren’t just for kids. You’ll know if you’re truly in shape within one minute of stepping on one. If you find yourself saying, “Wow, I’m really tired” then it may be just the time to start a trampoline routine. It’s an excellent cardio workout. So go out and get one, and remember to be safe. Investing in a safety net may be a good idea, as well as practicing proper jumping technique. And hey, maybe you’ll learn a few tricks later on.


Biking is a cut-and-dried activity if you’re just riding around the neighborhood. You can make it a lot more interesting. Try ditching the car and taking a bike to work. Or how about mountain biking? And if you’re feeling really spontaneous, try a fixed gear bike. You can’t coast, so you’re basically forced to work out. If you’ve never ridden one, your local bike shop will probably have one for you to test. It’ll give you an amazing workout. Whatever type of biking you do, it’ll tone your body and boost your energy.


This might be the right activity if you’re a millennial, and you will see women doing it. Longboarding is technically a form of skateboarding, which is considered a “moderately intense aerobic activity.” Except on a longboard, you can just cruise around instead of doing tricks. It’ll improve your balance, increase your energy, and above all, it’s really fun. Just wear a helmet and pads!

Emily Carmichael is a health enthusiast and fan of the Fall season. Emily takes natural health supplements from Forrest Health to get more energy for her favorite types of exercise – hiking and trampolining.

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