Providing Care to Bereaved Parents During Infant and Child Death Awareness Month

The article,”Providing Care to Bereaved Parents During Infant and Child Death Awareness Month”, by Rev. Sue Wintz states

“We all have the opportunity during October and November to provide much-needed care to bereaved parents and family members. Being aware of the potential impact of “forever grief” is the first important step.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals’ insight:

This is an excellent article for Grief Counselors.  It reminds us that October and November are national months in remembering the loss of children and the grief of parents.

It also reminds us the many trajectories of the grief and how different people cope.  The feeling of emptiness, then to the feeling of yearning and common themes of grieving parents, even years after the loss.

As a grief counselor, the article reminds us that we should engage the parents about their child.  It is healthy for the parent to wish for the child to be remembered.  While they do this on a consistent basis via memorial, or objects, or spiritual prayer, it is also healthy for the counselor to say the child’s name during sessions and share in the memories.

It is also encouraged for counselor and patient to both partake in events that remember the loss of children.

One last and important element is to remember your clients during special anniversaries.  These days will definitely affect the parents and their grief

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