10 Myths About Meditation, Busted

The article, “10 Myths About Meditation”, by Bhanu Narasimhan states

“While there are misconceptions and myths about many topics, one of the most popular topics is meditation. Say the word, “meditation” and all kinds of images and notions come up. Is this for me? I can’t sit for long hours.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

This article looks at the many myths of meditation Meditation instructors realize that meditation has many myths behind it.

Some believe meditation is only for religious people.  Others believe meditation is completely Eastern. The reality is meditation is a universal human experience that requires very little that many think.

Meditation can be done anywhere and anytime.  It does not require hypnotizing oneself or falling into a deep sleep.

Instead meditation is a healthy way to reconnect with yourself and live a healthier life.  It helps you focus and face issues.

Yet, for the religious, it still can possess the spiritual fruits those of East or West seek.

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