Study aims to fight highway hypnosis

highway hypnosis
Learn the signs of highway hypnosis and pull over!

The article, “Study aims to fight highway hypnosis”, by Dan X. McGraw states

“Those long drives over the Labor Day weekend may be enough to lull some drivers into a trance, but researchers are looking into ways to counteract highway hypnosis.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Avoid Highway Hypnosis While Driving!

People have been reaping the benefits of hypnosis for quite some time.    They have been using hypnosis to help with mental issues and to stop bad habits.  This is possible because we can be put in a trance that allows the hypnotherapist to communicate with our subconscious.
Can our minds ability to be put in the a trance be bad?   Sometimes!   A condition known as ” highway hypnosis ”  is when our minds are put into a trance due to driving for long periods of time while looking at long stretches of highway.    Highway hypnosis can reduce reaction times and lower our ability to respond to situations.
Some of the ways you can avoid being hypnotized by the road are simple and easy to follow.    They normally involve having something keeping your brain alert or having someone keep you company.   If all else fails, you could always pull over.

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