Prescription Drug Abuse and Substance Abuse Epidemic

Substance abuse
How big of role does physicians play in substance abuse in regards to prescriptions and medication?

The article, “Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic: Are Doctors to Blame?” source; Recovery First states

“Blaming doctors for America’s prescription drug addiction epidemic is popular lately even among many physicians & psychiatrists. But affixing blame is not easy”

American Institute Health Care Professionals’ insight:
Substance abuse has risen with prescription abuse.  Is it our fault or the doctors who write them without thinking of how they are working on the patient.  There is a rise in malpractice over prescriptions that should not be given to patients.  So should doctors in some, not all cases also share some responsibility?  This article explores that question.   What are your thoughts on the subject?   Do you think doctors are to blame?   Or do you think the patients share some of the responsibility?
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