We Still Learn Even When Dealing With Stress

Dealing With Stress
Dealing With Stress

The article, “How The Brain Learns Successfully, Even Under Stress”, by Carolyn Gregoire states

“Although stress can negatively affect cognitive functioning in a number of ways, our brains are actually pretty adaptable when it comes to learning under stress.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Dealing With Stress Does Not Stop Our Learning Process.

Our bodies are capable of change and learning to adapt to any situation.   This even applies to how we handle stress.    Our bodies can adapt to stress just like anything else.    It becomes a negative in our system.   We keep weight on.  It raises our blood pressure.   It makes us crave junk foods.    By reducing stress, you can eliminate all these issues from your life.
When we are under stress constantly, we do not simply shut down.   Grant it we are more effective when not dealing with stress, but our brain still can learn and function normally.    An article from Huffington Post has more on this subject.

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