Free Health Coaching Advice with these Apps

The article, “5 Great Personal Training Apps To Help You Get Fit Without A Coach”, source; Huffington Post

“Dilemma: Hiring a personal trainer is pricey, but without any guidance, stepping into a weight room or sparking up a new fitness routine can be intimidating and confusing. But that’s no excuse!”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Free Health Coaching Advice on Your Smart Phone!

Not everyone can afford a personal trainer however everyone can benefit from their knowledge.    If you fit into this category then perhaps you should try these weight loss apps for your smart phone.    Exercising with these apps is like getting free health coaching advice in the palm of your hand.
View this article to find out 5 great apps for weight loss that you can use during your next trip to the gym.   The GAIN Fitness Cross Trainer looks really cool.

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