Holistic Healthcare Training – Foods to Fight Aging

Holistic healthcare training is not just about eating natural foods or staying away from processed junk food.   It is also about knowing what foods need to be eaten to get the most nutritional value from your diet.   Holistic healthcare professionals know the right combinations and the right ways to prepare your foods.    In the article below it discusses what foods you need to be eating to benefit from anti aging properties.
From Yahoo Shine

Holistic Healthcare Training Looks At Anti Aging Foods.

We asked nutritionist Dana James which foods to add to your diet so you can feel like you’re 19 again. (Ok, only a time machine can do that, but these will help, we swear!)

1. Avocado

The green fruit that could has fat. That’s right, it contains monounsaturated fat.
For the full list of Anti Aging Foods, please go here.

It is interesting to see how people put their holistic healthcare training to good use.   Interested in receiving an education in holistic healthcare?   Go here to learn more about holistic healthcare courses.
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