Holistic Nutrition Advice – Don’t Eat That!

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Holistic Nutrition Advice On 11 Ingredients You Should Stop Eating.

The 11 food ingredients found in this list should be put in the don’t eat these category.   Here is some sound holistic nutrition advice, avoid food dyes.    The dangers of food dyes are; they can cause cancer, cause genotoxicity (the deterioration of our cell’s genetic material to mutate healthy DNA) and others.   Also on this list are brominated vegetable oil, azodicarbonamide (flour bleach), rBGH and rBST (bovine growth hormones), BHA and BHT (butylated hydroxyanisole and butylated hydroxytoluene – which can cause cancer).    Remember to read your labels and if you see any of these ingredients, put it back.

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