How Men Handle Stress Differently

The article, “How Men Handle Stress Differently” by Dr. Gail Gross states

“If you’ve ever been frustrated with the way the opposite sex reacts to a problem you have shared with them, it helps to know there are innate differences in the way men and women handle stress differently. “

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

How Men Handle Stress and How They Can Reduce It.

Is there any difference in how men handle stress?   This article seems to think so.   When men are stressed they tend to want to escape it, whereas women are more likely to discuss their feelings.    What stress management for men advice is there?   Be willing to work together, use a proper diet and exercise, and try to keep a normal sleep pattern.   Whatever the case may be, we certainly could use some great stress management advice.   Learning to deal with stress is a key part in anyone’s life.     Try these tips to get your stress free life in gear.

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