How Hypnotherapy Helps Reveal Lost Memories.

How Hypnotherapy
How Hypnotherapy

The article, “Janet Holt remembered she shot her rapist killer after hypnotherapy revealed buried memories”, by staff writers states

“AN ENGLISH woman who shot a man she claimed raped her more than 30 years ago, says she only remembered she had killed him after having hypnotherapy.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Learn How Hypnotherapy Helps Rediscover Lost Memories.

Hypnosis training helps a lady remember her repress memories about shooting her rapist.   It is interesting how our mind blocks certain memories for our protection and how hypnotherapy helps bring them to the surface so we can deal with them in a constructive manner.   Our minds create these blocks to help defend us against shock.    Under a controlled hypnosis session, a skilled hypnotherapist can help bring up these memories and help the patient deal with them in a constructive and healing manner.

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