Health Coaching Advice for the Workplace!

Health Coaching Advice
Health Coaching Advice

The article, “Stretches All Desk Workers Should Do Today”, by Katherine Schreiber states

“We know sitting at a desk all day is bad for us. But not everyone has a company gym membership or a workweek that allows for morning and afternoon fitness classes.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Health Coaching Advice you can do at work.

Stuck in front of a desk all day long?  Next break hours away?   This might be an article for you to read.  It has some good health coaching advice on a few workplace exercises and stretches you should be doing.  Sitting at one place all day is not good for your health.  Following this easy health care life coaching advice is a great way to get up and break your bad habits.    For example you should always stand up once an hour for a minute or so.   This will help you keep the muscle stretched out and your blood flowing.

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