How to Reduce Stress and Stop Overeating.

How to Reduce Stress
How to Reduce Stress

The article, “Stress Eating”, by Michelle May states

“When you’re experiencing stress, your impulse might be to power through, freak out, or stick your head in the sand. Bad habits such as overworking, smoking, or overeating can perpetuate the stress reaction.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Learn How to Reduce Stress and Quit Stress Eating.

We all know stress can cause havoc in our lives.   How we handle them can also cause other unneeded problems.   Stress eating is when you use food to combat stress.   This adds weight and causes more stress down the road.  Here is a good article on stress eating and how to reduce stress from it.   Also for more information in regards to stress counseling courses, feel free to CHECK THIS OUT.

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