3 Shocking Food Confessions From A Health Coach

Health Coach
From soda to triple bacon burgers, every Health Coach has their food secrets.

The article, “3 Shocking Food Confessions From A Health Coach”, by Lula Brown states

“Everyone has their little food secrets. The big, heart-opening, mind-awakening clincher? They don’t actually need to be kept secret.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

A Health Coach Makes A Few Confessions.

Are you a life coach and would like to make a secret confession?   Don’t be ashamed a health coach is allowed to have things they secretly hate.   From ice cream to bacon everything, we all have our favorite very bad for you treats.   It is not bad to have these foods every once and a while.  Everything in moderation!   So after a hard week of dieting and working out, reward yourself with that sundae if you wish.

Here are 3 interesting confessions from mindbodygreen.com.    For more on health coaching courses please visit our site.


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