Like Lydia, Do We Share Our Home with Christ?

Christian Counseling: Story of Lydia

As the Resurrection season continues, the Church reads from Acts of the Apostles.  One interesting story of relation to us is the story of Lydia.   Christian Counselors should utilize her as an example of Christian action.

Lydia upon hearing the words of Paul was moved by the Holy Spirit.  She invited Paul and his companions into her home and worshipped with them.  The faith of God in Lydia was manifested by her works of charity and her action.

As within the early Church, today, we must take action.  We must, like Lydia, give ourselves to Christ and aid those in ministry.  We must share our talents, time and possessions for the overall Church.   The Church, in micro, exists in the home and then spreads into its larger form from church to church with Christ as the head of all.  Still, the smallest actions sometimes have the greatest value.  This is what we learn from Lydia.

We can also learn that we need to give our home completely to Christ.  Spiritually invite him into your home.  Many consecrate their home to him or portray his image throughout the home.  What Christian home is it, without images of our Lord?  We enter into so many homes and see designs and fine furniture, but no image of our Lord.   If you want peace in your home, you must invite the Lord into it.  Images, pictures and statues are excellent way for our physical senses to share in the same union with Christ that our spiritual senses already share.

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Mark Moran, MA

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