Healthcare IT Looking to Smart Phones


Jim Turnbull, CIO at University of Utah Health Care, says mobile technology as the next big opportunity for getting patients more involved in managing their healthcare.

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Healthcare IT Advances in Smart Phone Technology

Healthcare IT should be used to get patients more involved in managing their personal healthcare.    Health IT should use mobile technologies to accomplish this.   It just makes sense to use a smart phone because normally people do not have a PC on them.    Also with the way smart phones are advancing they should might replace the home PC anyways.   This is because the technology is advancing and becoming smaller.    We can do a lot more on our mobile phones now than we could 6 years ago.    Checking social media, surfing the web and gaming are all now norms of the smart phone world.   Why couldn’t keeping tabs on your health be one as well?   The marriage of healthcare and information technology is an excellent way to boost health related information and stay connected with your doctor.


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