4 Health Coaching Approved Exercises!

The article, “4 Worthless Exercises You Probably Do (And Expert-Approved Replacements)”, by The Active Times

“Take a second to think about your gym routine. Got it? Now, I bet you feel pretty good about the fitness moves that you’ve incorporated — you’re hitting the big muscle groups, and plus, these moves are so popular that they have to be effective.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

We all have our exercise routine we like to follow.   (You should never get stuck in just one routine by the way but we’ll get into that later).   We also have those exercises we do religiously.   What if those exercises are doing nothing for us?   Health coaching professionals in this article give us exercise advice on 4 worthless exercises we are probably doing and 4 replacements for them that you probably are not doing.  For all of the crunches and bench presses you could be doing exercises that give you the most gain for your time.    However as life coaches teach us, exercise is not the only thing you need to be doing.  Proper dieting plays a big part in a healthier you as well.

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