How To Break 5 Bad Stress Habits

Bad Stress Habits
Bad Stress Habits

The article, “How To Break Bad Habits Brought On By Stress”, by Amanda L. Chan

“Picking at your nails. Chewing your hair. Cracking your knuckles. Are you guilty of any of these?.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals’ insight:
Do you have any “go to” bad stress habits you like to use to get you through the day?   These bad habits can be harmful to us in the long run.   They are also not a good way to deal with stress.   It is important to learn how to identify them and find healthier ways of stress management.   Some even use smoking and alcohol as means to combat their stress.   This has a severe negative affect on our bodies.   Never use narcotics and alcohol as a way to deal with negative aspects of your life.    They can lead to addiction and learned behaviors for dealing with stress.   Try to keep the two separate.
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