Grief Counseling After a Traumatic Event.

If you wish to take grief counseling courses, then please review

The article, “Mental Health, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Become Concerns After Boston Marathon Explosion”, by Jaweed Kaleem states

“The morning after the deadly Boston Marathon explosions, Joyce Maguire Pavao called local hospitals and the Red Cross, rushing to find victims.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:
It is truly a sad day for all of America.   When you look at 3 dead and 100+ wounded, those numbers are lying.   There are 1,000’s that are suffering.   They are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.   When experiencing a horrific situation like the one our nation just suffered, grief and bereavement can set in quickly, leaving us depressed and sad.   Some might not be able to get the events out of their heads.   If you know someone suffering like this please suggest to them they seek out grief counseling.   For more on grief counseling, you should go to our page.
If you wish to take grief counseling courses, then please review the program.  Our program in grief counseling covers basic core concepts.  After completion of those courses, qualified professionals can become certified in grief counseling.
Re-certification takes place after three years. In those three years, qualified professionals must accumulate academic and practical hours within the area of grief counseling.  Some may have to take grief counseling courses as well for re-certification
Please consider becoming certified in grief counseling.  As a certified grief counselor, you can enhance both your academic and professional career.

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