Addiction Recovery: How I Got Clean At 22

Addiction Recovery
Addiction Recovery – What is your anti-drug?

The article, “Addiction Recovery: Getting Clean At 22”, by Christina Huffington states

“I was having trouble breathing. “Am I going to be okay?” I asked the nurse who was monitoring my heart rate. “I don’t know,” she said.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals’ insight:
Addictions can dominate our lives and ruin friendships. They can harm us both mentally and physically.  Addiction recovery is never an easy process.  Good thing no one has to do it alone.  There are support groups and counselors out there willing to help anyone in need.   Also hearing stories about how people have succeeded in defeating their addictions helps as well.   It is good to hear about the methods and struggles they went through.  Here is a great story about someone who overcame their addictions.
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