About Stress Management and Burn Out

The article, “10 Signs You’re Burnt Out”, by LearnVest states

“Looking back, it’s obvious that my lifestyle wasn’t sustainable. But back then, I wore my workaholism like a badge of honor. The way I saw it, I had an awesome job and would work as hard as it took to do well.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:
Suffering from burn out can be a potentially career threatening stress situation.    That is why learning about stress management is important to our professional careers.   Far too often we allow our stress to rule our lives.   We do not take vacations.   We do not find time away from our jobs.   Common signs of burnout due to stress are: a lack of motivation, lack of energy, hatred of your job, lack of emotional control and sometimes substance abuse after work.   If you have any of these signs, you might need help.   For more on stress management advice, please go here.

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