Christian Counseling: Christ is Risen!

Christian Counselors and all Christians can rejoice in Christ’s joyous resurrection.
While many doubt and wish to label this as a mere mythical tale, we as Christians know it is a historic and true event.
Those who doubted it where first the Jews.  In the Gospel of Matthew, Matthew points out that the high priests paid the guards to lie about the true surroundings of the resurrection.  They told the guards to lie and tell the people that the disciples stole Christ’s body.  Yet as we all know, the disciples were terrified to even leave the upper room.  All but John stayed with Christ’s mother and the holy women.
Later foolish skeptics would even state that perhaps Jesus was not truly dead.  This theory lost ground when pointed out that the Romans were experts at execution, especially crucifixion.  Muslims would also add their theories in that Christ was magically taken down from the cross and another put in his place.
Modern skeptics completely dismiss the resurrection story as myth.  They contend Jesus rose spiritually, and the apostles taught in a mytical lanaguage.  Other modern ‘scholars’ contend the apostles merely lied.
Yet with all these doubters of the true and risen Christ, we can be assured that we will be blessed in our faith, for Christ told Thomas ‘blessed are those who have not seen and yet still believe”
Below is a quick video for all skeptics and Christians alike—our Lord’s resurrection!
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Mark Moran, MA

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