Stressful Thoughts to Quit Thinking About

Quit Thinking About These Stressful Thoughts Today!

The article, “9 & 1/2 Things I’m Not Stressing Over Anymore”, by Kate Bratskeir

“As a GPS for the Soul editor — someone who reads, writes, Tweets and preaches about stress management all day — I have my own tools that work when stress rears its repugnant head. I know when it’s time to step away from the computer for a break. I’ve stored an arsenal of positive mantras if I’m ever in need of some uplifting perspective. All good. But this doesn’t mean I don’t stress.”

For the full article please check out this link.

lady pulling on her hair.
Don’t let stressful thoughts get to you.

How times have you allowed these stressful thoughts to create real anxiety and stress in your life?   How many other items can you add to this list?   Hopefully by reading this blog post you now can identify your unneeded stressors and start not thinking about them.
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