Grieving During the Civil War

The Grief of the Civil War

The Civil War was the bloodiest conflict in American History.  The death and suffering that followed in its footprints left numerous families grief stricken.  The article below discusses the cultural and social issues and how families handled the grief of the Civil War.

The article, “Examination: Death and Dying During the Civil War: Drew Faust At The Countway Library of Medicine”, by Lisa Haushofer states

“Some of us would claim not to be frightened of death, but would admit to concern about the end of life. This anxiety, Drew Faust explains in front of a packed Carl Walter Amphitheater on December 13, 2012, is hardly a new one. The notion of how to manage death with dignity – how to die a good death – may have undergone professionalization in the last few decades, with journals, associations and training programs for palliative care.”

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