Christian Counseling: Christ in Marriage

Christian Counseling:  Is Christ in Your Marriage?

Christ’s presence at the marriage in Cana saved the day, is Christ invited to your marriage to possibly saves yours? Also, if you are interested in Christian Counseling courses, then please review Recently a homily on the Wedding Feast of Cana caught my ear.  The priest emphasized the importance of Christ in one’s marriage.  Christian Counseling must also emphasize this invitation to Christ to young married couples.  With divorce rates sky rocketing and marriage becoming merely a legal title, the secular idea of marriage has failed society.  It has led to broken homes which have led to broken people.  Without the stability of the first cell of society, how can society thrive?
By inviting Christ into your marriage, you increase your chance to preserve your marriage.  With Christ comes many blessings but also the idea that marriage is a bond and forever.  When people understand that life is not easy and if something breaks, you do not replace it merely to replace it, then a new paradigm emerges.  A paradigm that looks for fortitude when times become tough.  While financial and personal issues can tear apart people, Christians who face these things have Christ at their side.  Why?  Because they have welcomed him into their marriage.
Before Christ, there was marriage.  Marriage existed as a contract between a man and woman for centuries.   Yet at the Wedding Feast of Cana, Christ for the first time made marriage sacred.  He enhanced it and elevated it to a sacred and sacramental state.  Christ’s presence at Cana did not only in general make marriage sacred but it also made a huge difference for the couple who invited him.  If they had not invited him they would have ran out of wine.  Yet because of Christ’s presence, his first public miracle was observed.  He turned water into wine and saved the bride and groom from a disgraceful celebration.  Yet symbolically, through his presence, water was turned into wine.  He hence enhanced it.  He also enhances any union spiritually by his mere presence, but we must first invite him–as did the couple at Cana.
Do married couples invite Christ into their marriage to make a difference?  It starts from the beginning.  Before marriage, the couple should dedicate their marriage to Christ and follow the proper religious ceremonies.  It should not be a secular event at the court house but a religious and sacred ceremony conducted by a priest or minister.
If Christ is truly invited and accepted into one’s marriage, then one’s marriage will manifest his fruits.  The couple will understand the sacred nature of their covenant to one another and allow the grace of Christ and his presence to bring forth the holiness of their union.  Christ like at Cana can make a difference, but he needs invited first?
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Mark Moran, MA