New Year Resolutions That Reflect Spiritual Mastery

Christian Counseling and New Year Resolutions

Secular society confuses true change with superficial change.  Christians realize that true changes stem from the core of one’s being.  Christian Counseling hence urges people to find true meaning in their New Year Resolutions that go beyond the mere breaking of bad habits to true spiritual regeneration.
Yes, to quit smoking, diet, or work out more are great things that Christians should encourage, but when these things are the only things we notice, then we are truly spiritually in danger.  When we look to improve ourselves, we need to look not just at the surface but at the deepest part of our souls.  We need to realize that while quitting smoking may be great, it is even more important that we stop certain vices that are destroying our soul.  Maybe we use the Lord’s name in vain, not attend Sunday service, Mass or Liturgy, or maybe we do not give God enough prayer.  Maybe its a vice of lust, sloth, pride, or envy that dominates our being?  A thorough examination of conscience should be made at New Year to identify the weaknesses in our spiritual armor to work towards cultivating the virtues that contradict those vices!
In addition to inwardly working on ourselves, we may find ourselves in a position to allow our inner spiritual beauty to bloom in the early Winter, as we perform more spiritual and corporal works of mercy.  Have we been sitting on the sideline too long while others suffer?
In this way, we should take each New Year as a chapter in our life to cultivate a particular Christian virtue.  Each year we should attempt to master a different virtue in an attempt to become more Christ like.  While many New Year resolutions fade into the cold month of February, let us remain in prayer with Christ, and continue with fortitude on any spiritual resolutions we may make.
These are the resolutions that matter most for they will follow us into eternity.
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Mark Moran. MA