Christian Counselor Training: Joyous Giving and Joyous Receiving

Christian Counselor Training and Joyous Receiving

Let us all joyously receive the gift of Christ
Let us all joyously receive the gift of Christ
Christian Counselors many times encounter the reluctant taker.  The person who denies any help or who feels guilty if they accept any gift.  These individuals enjoy giving and are sincere but they forget the joy that others may feel when giving.   As Christians we must be joyous givers, but we also must learn how to joyously receive as well.
Our faith is based upon the greatest gift.  That gift is Jesus Christ taking the form of a slave and dying for us.  If we cannot learn to joyously accept that gift, then how we can joyously give that message to others?
During the Advent season, we see two key figures who help us accept this gift.  First, Mary who unselfishly shares her son with the world, giving up her only son for the redemption of the world.  Second, we see St. John the Baptist.  While Mary offers us Christ, St. John directs us to Christ.  He was among the first to rejoice when, as a fetus, he lept with joy in St. Elizabeth’s womb.  From that day forward, he prepared the world for the coming of the Messiah.
From this, we must spiritually accept the great gifts of God with joy and thanksgiving.  Let us also this Christmas year, accept the gifts of others with joy and gratitude.  Ultimately may we all share the gift of Christ and then spread it to others.
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Mark Moran, MA