Corporate America and Its Battle for the American Soul on Thanksgiving and How to Become a Certified Christian Counselor

 Materialism over Christianity: Where Have Our Values Gone?

Christian values are becoming more and more eroded in this country.  One sign of it is the lack of thanks we show on Thanksgiving by going and fighting each other for mere objects on Black Friday.  If that was not bad enough, the greed of corporate America and the upper 3 percent now push these sales during the sanctity of Thanksgiving!  This emergence of a ‘Grey Thursday’ should be very alarming and a line we should all draw where we tell the barrons of this country that enough is enough.  While retail workers are stripped of their time with their families, greedy CEOs dine with theirs and earn more money than they know what to do with.  And as for the materialistic individuals who indulge these sales, especially on Thursday–shame on you!

Dominic Rushe of the Guardian, writes in his article, “Black Friday Slips into ‘Grey Thursday’ as Retail Giants Face Staff Backlash” about the growing greed and unchristian values of uncontained capitalism in the United States during the holiday season.

“Jackie Goebel has worked for Walmart for 24 years, but this year, for the first time, she will spend the Thanksgiving holiday working at the retail giant. Like many of her colleagues, she is not happy. “Walmart has become a company so obsessed by the bottom line and greed that it no longer values the importance of the people and families that work for it,” she said.”

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