A Meditation Program Can Bring Excitement

A picture of several different yoga poses
Many people everyday use yoga as a form of meditation.

Find Excitement With A Meditation Program

The article, “Meditation Is Boring”, by Rupert Wolfe-Murray states

“Meditation is really simple, and you don’t need to join a class or read a heavy tome (but I would recommend this cartoon guide). Just sit down for 20 minutes and concentrate on your breathing; breathe deeply and listen to your breath, and let go of your thoughts.”

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It is easy for us to stereotype meditation as sitting on the floor with our eyes closed.   This practice might work for some but the true is meditation can be done in just about anywhere.   Next time you are in your car at a stop light, clear your head and focus on your breathing.   Yoga is another great way to meditate.    It helps clear your mind of thoughts through your focus on your poses and forms.    Meditation techniques are all around us.
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