Not All Meditation Programs Are Created Equal

A lemur in a meditation pose
Everyone meditates differently, even lemurs.

Like everything in life, everything is unique.   Why should meditation programs all be the same?   Truth is they should not be.   Everyone meditates in their own way.   There is no wrong way to meditate.  When shown how to meditate, you should take what applies to you.   The rest should be put in the “Good to know” box.   In the end meditation is all about you and your thoughts.   For more on different ways to meditate please review below:
From Huffington Post

Meditation Programs Should Fit the Individual.

The article, “Not All Meditation Types Are One-Size-Fits-All, Study Suggests”, source: Huffington Post states

“If you aren’t enjoying your meditation practice, a small new study suggests a possible reason why: You aren’t doing the method that’s right for you.
Researchers from the San Francisco State University Institute for Holistic Health Studies found that not all people prefer the same kind of meditation practices.”

For the full article please go here.

There are plenty of meditation programs to base your style of meditation on.   You just need to research them and see which ones feels right.   After all, your meditation style should fit you like a glove.
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