Hypnosis Courses Help Understand The Human Mind

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Hypnosis courses will teach you how to put clients into “trances”.
When you take hypnosis courses, you will start to learn a lot.   Hypnosis allows a person, or subject, to enter into a deep state of relaxation. While under this state, the subject’s concentration is firmly directed at one particular topic. This subject is typically guided by the hypnotist, the person who put them in the state, and are more inclined to recall past events. This is due to heightened focus and concentration while being under the ctrance.” However, while under this state, the subject is still in full control of their actions. Their free will and judgment are still intact. This allows the subject to be in a comfortable setting and should enhance their experience. Hypnosis and repressed memories often go together because under a hypnotic state, a person is more inclined to remember past events.

Hypnosis Courses Help Learn What Are Repressed Memories?

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Anything that allows you to focus can help induce a trance.
Oftentimes, events that occur in people’s lives are too horrific for them to recall. If they do recall them, it is usually many years later. Repressed memories have been deemed a form of amnesia because of the similar traits they have in common. However, when repressed memories are recalled, it usually manifests very quickly. Certain smells, tastes or sounds can cause a memory to suddenly appear. It is quite an interesting process because the true cause of it is not fully known.
In fact, a group of researchers tried to find any written cases of this happening before the 1800’s, but did not find one case that exhibited the same behaviors. This lead them to conclude that this is a rather new experience that has been brought about by cultural beliefs. Naturally, there have been refutes to this claim and one in particular that would set the first known occurrence. In 1786, a play was made which presented the story of a woman who had forgotten that her lover had died and waited for him every single day. However, this does not explain the reasoning behind repressed memories being a recent phenomenon.
Common Reasons For Repressed Memories
Although repressed memories are relative to cultural change, there are some common factors associated with them. These memories are usually forgotten after a person has a traumatic experience. For instance, child abuse is a major cause for memories to be forgotten. However, in earlier times people were often married at a much younger age and many of the abuses that we recognize today were common place back then. In this case, the memories would not be repressed because it was so common that it was not the traumatic experience it is today.
Repressed memories can also come from many other traumatic experiences that cause physical or emotional pain. Although this seems like a defensive mechanism in the brain, the memories are still present within the subconscious areas of the brain. This is why people can remember the events very rapidly once they are triggered.
Hypnosis and Repressed Memory
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Once in a trance your hypnotherapist has access to your subconscious.
Since hypnosis is a great way to recall past events and provides for a relaxed state, it only makes sense that repressed memories might be recalled under hypnosis. In fact, many people have had great results with recalling their repressed memories. However, a problem that often occurs is that the hypnotist often leads the person’s memories into a particular direction. When this occurs, the subject might start to recall things that did not take place. This has caused many hypnotists to follow strict rules of guidance when their subjects are under a trance. This includes a neutral position on events and letting the subject naturally recall events.
When these events are naturally recalled, the subject can see why they possess certain behaviors. For instance, if a memory was repressed because of a traumatic experience involving falling down stairs, the person may be anxious or scared of stairs. This would be something that always made them feel uneasy and remained unexplained. Through multiple hypnosis sessions, they would be able to recall the events, what triggered it from happening and how to deal with the anxiety they have because of it.
The benefits of hypnosis have allowed many people to recall repressed memories that have been stored deep inside of their brains. Throughout time, these past experiences might have affected their life without them even realizing it. Hypnosis and repressed memories work very well with one another because the hypnotic state provides an avenue for memories to be recalled. This often has a positive effect on the person and allows them to cope with the event which has been affecting their lives without recollection of it.
By Ryan Demeco