Grief and the Program in Grief Counseling

Grief is an emotion that is extremely important. It is a natural emotion to loss or suffering. It is beneficial because it allows the mind to heal and adjust. It also allows others to understand the pain one is experiencing. Yet the loss of someone or something is far from beneficial. Grief merely as a reaction helps one overcome the loss and readjust. Grief comes in many forms and types of reactions. Some reactions are normal while other trajectories lead one down a road of complications. These types of grief can be concomitant, delayed, masked, extreme or result in depression. These pathological reactions to loss usually require counseling or medication. The reality most people experience healthy grief reactions and show resiliency in their return. This does not mean the grief vanishes but it does mean one is able to focus, adjust and conform their new life story to the loss. This is healthy grief and while the loss is horrible, the emotion itself is beneficial in a fallen world.
By Juan Espinoza
If you would like to learn more about grief counseling, then please review the program.  The program in grief counseling is an excellent way to become certified.  The Program in grief counseling has four core courses.  Upon completion, qualified professionals are eligible for certification.