Stress and Anger: How Does Anger Affect You?

Stress and Anger Causes Various Reactions.  Which One Is You?

Stress and Anger
What way do you react to anger? Stress and Anger
Stress and anger in one’s life can cause a variety of reactions in people.  Some people handle it better while others simply explode.  From a peaceful resolution to an angry explosion, professionals have found three key reactions to stress and anger.
The first type is the person who holds their anger inside.  These people best resemble a time bomb ready to explode as they take in more and more stress without releasing it in a healthy fashion.  In time, these peaceful individuals erupt as “the Incredible Hulk” and wreak a rage of havoc on those unlucky enough to be in their path.  These type of indivuals exhibit various behaviors that include emotional withdrawl or the “silent treatment”.  They feel anger is inappropriate or that they do not have the right to become angry.  Some also have coping problems with strong and intense emotions and could also fear the consequences of losing their temper.
The second type is the person who lets it all out.  This “Donald Duck” type individual gives into rage at a moments notice and releases all the negative energy.  Their behavior includes blowing up at people, getting physical with others, shouting, blaming and breaking things.  Their reasons behind their behavior include the necessity to assert power, a lack of communication skills or a obsession with never being wrong.
The third and final type of person handles anger and stress properly.  These indivuals handle anger by remaining calm and focusing on the behavior not the other person.  They stick to the subject and think logically abou the issue at hand.  They understand that anger is a natural emotion but do not allow it to dominate them or become excessive.  Instead of overreacting, they want to solve the problem causing the stress not yell at it.
Ultimately anger is a natural emotion and at times can be just.  Good spirituality and understanding of this emotion can eventually help one overcome unjust anger and learn to control oneself.  If one considers the hurtful things that be said or done when in a fit of rage, then maybe they can eventually learn to monitor their levels of irritation and not allow things to get out of hand.  On the other side, people also need to learn to express themselves in a healthy fashion when somethings upsets them.
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