Christian Counseling Program for Certification: Lack of Faith in the Christian Home

Lack of Faith in the Modern World: Why?

Lack of faith in the modern world has allowed agnostic and atheistic idealology to creep into the homes of many so called Christians.  Counselors will see many Christians give allegiance to many non-Christian ideals and pick and choose various Christian dogmas that best fit their tailor made faith.  These cafeteria Christians live according to their will not that of the Father’s will.   This form of lukewarm Christian is best seen at Easter or Christmas, where they emerge out of their year long slumber and wear their best suit for one Sunday.
In addition to this spiritual sloth, one can also see in the Christian Church, “Sunday” only Christians, who recite ritual and mundanely receive the Eucharist without spiritual zeal or excitement.  The remaining week is indulged in secular activities without little thought of God.
These two type of homes are a haven and breeding pool for future agnostics and atheists.  The parents, the first educators of their children, have spiritually neglected their children’s spiritual life and allowed it to become stagnant.  In some cases, the children are not even baptized.  Even if baptized, the children do not learn about the faith, pray as a family, or discuss the bible.  Their faith becomes an empty ritual.
As these children become older, they become prey to future atheists, agnostics or moral

George Lucas' Darth Vador describing his disdain for a lack of faith
George Lucas’ Darth Vador describing his disdain for a lack of faith
subjectivists who prey upon the weak spiritual foundation that was set by the parents.
This lack of installation of faith is a grave sin and parents will face God with reward or punishment in the next life in regards to how they taught their children about God.  Hence, it is extremely important for Christian Counselors to encourage parents to make their family active in the life of the church.  Parents should fulfill spiritual duties and encourage prayer life at home and bring God into the home.  Sacred images in the home, family prayer, bible reading, and even weekly mass or services should become the family norm.
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Mark Moran, MA, GC-C, SCC-C

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  1. I liked the picture you used of Vador to illustrate how many Cristians in general are lacking in faith. I too feel it is important to start when your children are young to integrate prayer into daily life. <3 Tara

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