Stress Management to avoid Burn Out

Are You Experiencing Burn Out? stress management

Chronic stress may lead to a condition of “burn out.” Burn out is a condition in which one develops a syndrome of chronic tiredness, hyper-arousal, a distaste for going to work, and feelings of apathy and anxiety. The problem is frequently identified in instances where professionals are under extreme stress in the workplace. Burn out is very often tied to the workplace. It is interesting to note that those with Type A personalities and those who are somewhat neurotic in their thinking, have much higher instances of burn out than those who do not have these personality traits. Personality traits are almost impossible to change in people. They are deeply ingrained and many years of psychotherapy would be required to successfully change such traits. So how can we help those workers with Type A and neurotic personalities deal with burn out? One key to helping these individuals is to provide them with opportunities to attend stress management training programs. Such programs teach the participants many effective strategies that will assist them to handle stress much better. When they are better able to handle stressors, their risk of developing a burn out condition will significantly decrease. Stress management is a healthy and effective solution to preventing burn out.