Biblical Counseling Certification: How to Counsel Anger

Biblical Counseling Certification: Counseling Anger

Counseling anger is difficult.  Please also review our biblical counseling certification
Counseling anger is difficult. Please also review our biblical counseling certification
The emotion of anger is a double edged sword that encompasses righteousness but also evil. It can be a just reaction to evil, or serve evil in its retribution. With such a complex nature, it is important for the Christian Counselor to understand the nature of anger and also understand the basics of anger management in counseling. This is essential to Christian counseling skills.
 Since anger is such a broad and diverse emotion based upon numerous subjective and circumstantial elements, it is hard to classify when the emotion is just and when the emotion, while natural, should be curbed. Adding to the confusion is the simple fact that even when the anger is a just reaction, it nevertheless should be channeled elsewhere due to societal laws regarding retribution and revenge. With these elements, as well as the level of intensity and the individual’s mental state, it is very difficult to ascertain when an outburst can lead to violence. It is for this reason that human anger, although in some cases justified, should be channeled into good causes where no harm can be applied to the other agent.  
While the nature of anger is subjective and diverse, one can objectify a few elements of it. There are many ways anger is manifested or dealt with. In some anger is held back, in others anger it is denied, while others actively or passively direct and express their frustration. Still others face it directly instead of hiding it, while others channel their anger into other beneficial and positive endeavors. In addition to these manifestations, anger can also be classified into various categories. Terms such passive aggression, sudden anger, deliberate anger, habitual anger, depressive anger, moral anger and hatred are some examples of how anger is psychologically analyzed. In the end, as a counselor, one must realize anger can become a vice in the moral fabric of an individual and like all vices must be dealt with by prayer and good habits.
Anger can be just as in the case of Our Lord casting out the money lenders from the temple (Yorck Project)
Anger can be just as in the case of Our Lord casting out the money lenders from the temple (Yorck Project) Also please review our biblical counseling certification
Anger as an unhealthy expression can prevented through a variety of biblical based teachings, prayers and meditations used in anger management. The virtues of patience, long suffering, forgiveness, and charity should be instilled to replace the vice of anger. In addition to religious reframing and virtue building, basic Christian counseling advice can be extremely beneficial. Teaching clients to avoid occasions of anger and to help re-evaluate their situations are helpful tools. In addition to this, teaching clients to channel their anger elsewhere, teaching self control techniques and helping them build a healthy self concept are also helpful tools when counseling someone. Perhaps the most important tool is to dig at the problem’s source. Helping a client to admit his or her anger and identify it is critical to overcoming the vice. Sometimes when a person is forced to face his or her anger and learn to express it in healthy and appropriate ways, it becomes less over bearing and less a dominant force in the person’s life.  n conclusion, anger while sometimes justified is still a negative emotion that can cause spiritual mental and physical distress. It needs to be faced, controlled and channeled properly. Through good Christian counseling, biblical principles, prayer, virtue, and the presence of the Holy Spirit, it can be controlled and give the person the peace he or she so desperately needs in his or her spiritual life.
If you would like to learn more about a biblical counseling certification, then please review the program.  A Biblical counseling certification deals with such issues as anger and how to help people find peace.
Mark Moran, MA, GC-C, SCC-C

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