Importance of Stress Management: How Stress Adds Fat

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Stick of butting heads with stress? Use these stress management tips!








Like we didn’t need more reasons not to be stressed, but stress can lead to extra fat.   Interested in stress management now?  I know I am.  How stress leads to fat and weight gain is simple; when stressed our bodies go through a number of hormonal changes that effect what we want to eat and how our stomachs digest the food we eat.    For example when stressed we reach for more sugary and fatty foods and our stomach does not do a good job of processing them into energy.   This results in the foods being stored as fat.    Managing stress can stop this!   You can manage stress by following these simple tips:

Importance of Stress Management: How Stress Adds Fat

The article, “How Stress Makes You Fat”, by Lisa Turner states

“A number of studies have shown that stress leads to weight gain, partly by increasing the body’s cravings for sugary carbs and fatty foods.”

For the full article please go here.

Stress management does not have to be difficult.   By eating right, getting adequate sleep and identifying our priorities we can combat stress and prevent un-needed weight gain.
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