Health Coaching Diet Advice: Food Myths

3 eggs just sitting there.
Health coaching ending the debate once and for all. Eggs are good for you.

Health coaching is suppose to help us get and stay healthy.   Sometimes that means health coaches need to spread the truth about common food myths.   Myths like drinking juice is good for you.   Health care coaches would disagree.  A health coach would state that it has as much sugar as soda.   Health care coaching professionals would then state it is better for you to just eat the piece of fruit the juice is suppose to come from.   It is better for you.   For the list of common food myths please read below:

Health Coaching Diet Advice: Food Myths

The article, “5 Myths About Everyday Foods”, by  Susan B. Dopart states

“When it comes to nutrition, sometimes it’s hard to tell the fact from the fiction. Certain foods get a reputation as “bad for you,” whereas others get promoted as “natural” or “good for you” when they are really not.”

For the full article please go here.

The health coaching field is working hard to bust these myths about the foods we all avoid and the foods we all should avoid.   The best thing for you to do is contact a health coach or a wellness coach and have them design a diet that will work for you.

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