Certification In Christian Counseling: The Seven Joys of Mary and Counseling

Certification in Christian Counseling: Counseling for Joy in the Life of Mary

So many times in Christian theology, we focus only on the sorrows of Christ, Mary, and the saints.  In this short article, I would like to focus instead on the some of the joys especially during the Easter season.  In particular, since in previous articles we looked at Mary’s seven sorrows, I would like to look at her seven joys.  Catholics as well as Protestants can find some

Mary's joys.  Please also review our certification in Christian Counseling
Mary’s joys. Please also review our certification in Christian Counseling
common ground in professing joy during counseling sessions.  As Christians we can all share in joyous moments of Jesus and Mary.  Joyous moments that will one day be shared in Heaven.
This Christian tradition of documenting Mary’s joys is hundreds of years old.  The first joys involve Mary at the Annunciation, the Nativity, and the adoration of the Magi.  Some traditions include the Visitation to Mary’s cousin Elizabeth as one of Mary’s joys.
Mary’s later joys include the Resurrection of Christ, the Ascension, Pentecost, and her entry into Heaven.  In Catholic circles this involves the dogma of the Assumption and the Coronation.  This is obviously a debate within Protestant theology since Protestants do not accept the Assumption.  However, all Christians could concur that Mary is in Heaven and Jesus has placed his mother in high esteem.
These joys of Mary can be looked at in numerous ways.  It shows that despite the many sorrows that Mary endured on Earth, that God wants all his people to experience happiness here as well.  This world while fallen still reflects the goodness of the Creator and should be enjoyed.  There are many moments on Earth we will all remember when in Heaven.  These joys should be cherished as Mary’s seven joys are warmly remembered.
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Mark Moran, MA, GC-C, SCC-C