Health Care Coach Advice: Organic or Local?

Health Care Coach Advice comes in many forms.   It can cover proper diet.   It can help you with proper form during exercising.   It can also advise you on the quality of foods you should be eating.   Some good health care coaching advice from a blog asked should you buy organic from a megamart if you cannot find organic locally.   The advice the health coach gave is here:

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Local or organic? Get the Health Care Coach answer.

Health Care Coach Advice: Organic or Local?

The article, “Ask the Health Coach: Should I Shop Organic or Local?” by Maura Manzo states

“This question is perfect for this time of year. As we roll into summer, produce stands and farmers’ markets are ripe with tons of local fruits and veggies. But, as you pointed out, local farmers don’t always grow organic. So, it presents a bit of a dilemma: If you can’t have both, should you buy local or organic?”

For the full answer please go here.

So in the end the health care coach advice is always shop local.   It helps support your local economy.   It saves gas and oil from shipping costs.   Lastly most of the time local farmers are organic anyways!
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