Christian Counseling Ceritfication Training: Christian Education and the Rights of Parents

Christian Counseling Certification Training: Christian Education and Teaching Children

One of the most prominent rights of parents but least utilized is the right to educate.  Only recently with the emergence of Home Schooling in opposition to secularism in schools has the issue become not only a moral one but a legal one. Christian Education is an extremely important part of child development that starts in the home.

The parent as the primary educator of their child is a primary Christian right and gift given to all parents via the grace of the Holy Spirit at Matrimony
The parent as the primary educator of their child is a primary Christian right and gift given to all parents via the grace of the Holy Spirit at Matrimony
Christian Counselors and the church must always stand and defend the inherent and God given right that parents have as the primary educators of their children.  Through the grace of the Holy Spirit, parents have a super natural assistance to raise their children that no other person can claim for their child.  Furthermore as the parents, it is their obligation before God to raise them as good people.  Only the parents will stand before God and be judged for the raising of their children.
At the most primary level, the parent is responsible for teaching their child about God.  It is the duty of the parent that the child learns of Christ, his church and scripture.  It is the duty of the parent to ensure that the child is baptized and attends Mass or Church services.  It is the duty of the parent to raise that child according to the precepts of Christ no matter what anyone else may do or say.  This is the serious nature of parenting that many secular parents neglect.
Obviously, parents also have the moral right to educate their children beyond the mere theological.  The Church has triumphantly stood behind the Home Schooling Movement in defense of the right of the parents to educate their children.  While states have attempted to restrict this, one cannot deny the illicit nature of this.  When the state attempts to restrict a parent’s right to educate, it is over reaching its legal boundaries.  Recently, state laws have retreated as the Home Schooling Movement has become more organized and legally represented.  This is good news for parents who choose to exercise their right.  Unfortunately, some countries go well beyond their rights and indoctrinate children against their own parents.  This truly puts things into perspective when analyzing American issues with worldwide issues.
If the parents decide the primary education of their children should be transferred to a school, then it is their obligation to monitor the teaching at the school.  It would be immoral from parenting standards to turn a blind eye to one’s child’s education.  It is the duty of parents to review curriculum and to be central figures in the child’s education.  This not only ensures the child’s welfare but also speaks volumes to the various teachers that the parent is a part of the child’s life and will play a shared role in child’s education with them.
Christian Counselors should emphasize to parents that they need to recognize their moral responsibility before God to raise and teach their children.  Christian Counseling sessions should point out that teaching one’s child is an everyday affair, even if the primary teaching is done at a local school.
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Mark Moran, MA, GC-C, SCC-C