Health Care Coaching and Positive Psychology

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Health care coaching is about keeping fit and staying positive.











Can you through health care coaching and positive psychology think yourself thin? A health coach with a background in positive psychology thinks so!   It is not too hard to believe.   Health coaches routinely promote diet, exercise, and a positive mind set.   Through health coaching and positive daily affirmations, you could will yourself thin by reaffirming your commitment daily.   An article wrote by a health care coach has more:

Health Care Coaching and Positive Psychology

The article, “Can You Think Your Way to a Thinner You?”, byMarie-Josée Shaar states

“One of my coaching clients, let’s call her Nadine, once asked me what I thought of using positive affirmations to lose weight. Will repeating “I am losing weight every day” to herself and posting “I love to eat healthy” on her fridge help her drop a jeans size?”

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Believing you can do something is the first step to actually doing it.   With the right health care coaching advice from an excellent health care life coach, you can do anything you put your mind to.  just remember to stay positive and keep with it!
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