Pet Loss Grief: Memorializing a Pet

grave site for a deceased pet under a treeThe best ways of memorializing a pet

Memorializing a pet is quite a complex decision going by the number of ways people tend to connect to their pets and the different ways they like to remember them when they’re gone. When it comes to pets, almost everyone has a memory. Since pets form a significant part of their owner’s lives, they’re thoroughly missed in almost every case. The grief of pet loss can be just as hard as losing a family member. But just like we do for the people we love most, there are many ways of memorializing a pet once they’ve passed away. Here’s a list of 6 amazing things you can do to make sure your pet is remembered and cherished long after he/she is gone.

 Make an Photo Tribute

One of the best ways of memorializing a pet would be to make a photo tribute with all the pictures you’ve got of your little ball of fur. Of course, this is assuming you have plenty of pictures that are really good looking and photogenic. Amateur photos aren’t great for a detailed photo tribute, but nonetheless if low quality pictures are the only ones you have, you can still consider hiring the services of a photoshop expert to tune up, edit and turn your pet’s pictures into an album that will make an amazing photo tribute.

 Make a Life Size Replica

Another great way of memorializing a pet would be to have a life sized statue of him standing in your backyard. If you’re a craft person, you could also consider a bunch of other things like making a painting of your pet or a wood carving that symbolizes a cherished moment with your pet. However, none of these comes close to having a life size statue of your pet in your backyard. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Just an ordinary sculpture painted in real life colors. If you’re willing to blow some cash on it, you might as well get it made in metal for a better look.

 Frame a Written Tribute

There’s no better way to express your love for a lost pet than through words. Words are not only the best possible way of memorializing a pet, but they also provide you and everyone else a perspective into your pet’s life long after he’s gone. Now that’s far better than a statue or a craft piece that just shows off how your pet looked. Instead, a written tribute like a framed poem along with a picture can be a better source of remembrance than anything else.

 Plant a Tree in your Pet’s Memory

Most cities would let you plant a tree memorializing a pet in a city park. However, if that is too much to ask, you can simply plant a seed or a sapling in your backyard in remembrance of your pet. If you’d like people to know more about your pet, you can also put a small plaque near the plant with a poem in memory of your pet. Make sure the plaque is not too near the tree as trees tend to grow big. With this you’d have a permanent living memory of your lost pet.

 Keep your Pet’s Ashes in an Ornate Urn

This is the most widely accepted conventional method of memorializing a pet these days. Buy an urn that is specially made to hold ashes. Most shops let you carve or inscribe your pet’s name on the urn for a small fee. Once made, you can put your pet’s ashes in the urn and keep it in a memorable place at your house. Sometimes you can even get a picture of your pet painted on the urn for better remembrance. If you inscribe a poem on the urn, it will be a great way of telling your kids and grandchildren later on in life about how wonderful your pet was. Having the urn as a memorial can be a good way to help with pet loss grief support

 Contribute to a Cause

It is most likely that your pet died of something. Let’s say a rash driver or a specific disease. Most animal shelters will let you put up a small plaque memorializing a pet at their grounds. They often let you do this in exchange for a small donation. You get the opportunity to highlight your pet’s fate and call for a solution on this plaque. You never know who it will inspire. You can also consider donating to research organizations that are trying to find a cure for whatever it is that your pet died of. There are many ways of memorializing a pet that are equally good or better than all the above. But in the end it’s all about how much you care for your pets and the kinds of ways in which you would like to remember them after they are gone.
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