Bereavement Counseling Certification: Grief Therapy in Art

Bereavement Counseling Certification:  Grief Therapy

There are many forms of grief therapy. One form is the use of art. It may seem that art might contribute little to the healing of grief, but this article focuses on how one mother did just that. An insightful article that will also warm your heart.

The article, “A mother uses art as a passage through grief” by Francie Minder

“The first years after my 15-year-old daughter, Chava, died of cancer, I was walking around in a fog. Each day was painful as the initial shock and disbelief faded, letting reality sink in. My world had been turned upside down. Eventually I could go through the steps of everyday life, but the extreme loss was with me every second of every day.”

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Grief counseling and grief therapy can be so beneficial to those dealing with the tragedy of loss in their lives.  Undergoing such interventions takes commitment as well as time. Grief is a journey that we undertake. There are no real short cuts but various forms of therapies can be extremely beneficial in providing support and courage through it all.
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