Earn a Holistic Nursing Certification

Holistic Nursing for Nurses

Ideas of nursing are dominated by western medicine. While these ideas are good for acute problems and ailments, an eastern or more holistic approach is becoming more widely acceptable as well. Within the holistic sphere, a more natural response to illness is employed. Herbs and other oils are utilized by the holistic nurse in care for the patient. While holistic medicine is very useful when used in collaboration with western medicine, the primary benefit of holistic practices is in prevention and dealing with chronic illness. If you are a registered nurse and are interested in becoming more aware of holistic methods, consider becoming certified as a Holistic nurse with the AIHCP. By taking the core courses in holistic nursing, a qualified RN can become eligible for a holistic nursing certification for three years. This certification will give the western nurse the eastern knowledge to become a more well rounded health professional in areas of treatment.

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