Christian Coaching and Christian Counseling

What is the difference between Christian Counseling and Christian Coaching?

The need for good Christian guidance has led to ministry based counseling with biblical foundations and morals. Christian Counseling is one such ministry that hopes to help others in need from a Christian perspective with Christian solutions. Another ministry is Christian Coaching.

Christian Coaching is an offspin of Christian Counseling. Counseling deals more with repairing and guiding in times of doubt while coaching is strengthening and helping one reach potential. In many ways, coaching coincides with mentorship or spiritual direction.
While many people look to live healthier lives and hope to organize everything via a health coach, Christian Coaching is more spiritual. As a Spiritual Director, the focus is on improving one’s spiritual life via prayer advice, spiritual exercises, and spiritual goal making.

Someone who is interested in Christian Coaching or Spiritual Direction should already be adept at Christian Counseling but also have a strong understanding of one’s faith and the relationship that will exist between the spiritual father and spiritual child. A Christian Coach should also be well versed in Moral Theology and Apologetics.
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Mark Moran, MA